1/72 Irish Contingent 14-15th Century

Saturday, November 9, 2013
One of the last groups I've been working on for the Medieval period is a group of Irishmen that I'll use for various engagements-- these are mostly foot soldiers, armed primarily with axes abut also with spears, glaves and other assorted pole-arms. You can see by the single base how I mount most of my foot; three in front with two in the second rank, offset between the others. The base is a pretty standard 60 x 40mm, since I mount most of my soldier on pennies, they fit perfectly on this size base, and the offset gives a thicker (though slightly less regular) appearance to the units. In a pinch, I could remove the individual  troops if needed, and the pennies offer some heft to the plastic figures. I still need to add some flags or pennants on some of these stands, though I haven't settled on any specific designs yet - if anyone has some suggestions for appropriate heraldry, please pass it on.

I cut the bases out of basswood--as I was taking the photos I noticed that the basing paint and "grass" is quite a bit darker that I thought it was--at least in comparison to the terrain boards, which I made some years ago. I'll explain a little more about how those were constructed in a future post.

I am still brushing up on my photography skills - I have cameras that are just fine for the job, but my available lighting needs help and I hope to supplement that as time goes on.  I will also be adding to this battle group very soon, as I recently acquired a package of Redbox Irishmen for the Wars of the Roses; they look very fine indeed, and should fill out this range quite nicely.  For now, I have put these in the box (to protect them from the cat) and returned to getting my work/hobby area better organized. More on that very soon.


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