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Sunday, November 10, 2013
Like a lot of people over here in the States, I am lucky enough to have a decent-sized home that includes a large enough basement to accommodate my hobbies and interests, which are many. As an old advertising guy, I do have some regular freelance jobs and publishing work that I take on from time to time, and I need space to devote to these activities as well as a fairly large library that I've accumulated over the years.

Most of that work takes place in the upstairs office where I keep my better computer (still several years old) while my hobby-related web surfing and writing gets handled in the basement, where I use another PC to handle those tasks at a desk area where I can also do figure painting, research and other jobs that don't get too messy. [see the 1st photo]  One other nice thing about this space is that it allows me to multitask; if I am not listening to music or a podcast, I have our old projection TV on so I can catch a football game or some other show as I work.

Directly behind this space is my "workshop" room, where I have a modest workbench area that I use for larger-scale projects such as scenery, other items that require more room for assembly, or things that will require the use of spray-adhesive, hot-glue, spackle, flocking and other messy stuff...or the use of cutting or electric tools that just can't be accommodated at my desk. [see 2nd photo]  Though the room is big enough for most of these jobs and to hold my wargaming items, there's not a lot of extra room either - since the space is also used as a book storage overflow space and repository for Christmas decorations, as well as "the room where dad keeps all his stuff" - including all my 1:32 slot cars (Scalextric, etc.) and other models, old toys, computer equipment and other odds-and-ends.

This setup works out pretty well for just about all my hobby activities and scenery-making. [see photo 3] What I don't have is a dedicated wargames table; that would require me to take over the entire basement - and that is not about to happen any time soon. Besides, it's not as if I could leave games out for long-term play (we have a bad cat who loves to play with my stuff) - and I have portable tables that I can use with terrain boards or ground-cloths. There are other options, too: I've play-tested some rules on my workbench, and I've had some formal games with my friends upstairs in the dining it's not a problem.

I've always enjoyed seeing what type of solutions that other people come up with in terms of developing a "hobby space" -  especially when limited room is an issue. It amazes me how creative some folks are at meeting those challenges. If you want to share your space, please drop us a link in the comments.


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